Acced CM

ACCED-CM (Cutting Module) is one of Deenova’s mechatronic solution for the repackaging in unit dose of oral solid medications in unit doses. ACCED-CM ensures traceability, an optimized management of oral solid medications and minimizes waste.

Completely autonomous, even at night, ACCED-CM prepares the unit doses from previously loaded medication blisters. The system allows the repackaging of breakable or bulk products into unit doses.

The unit doses can be loaded in others Deenova’s pharmacy automation mechatronic solutions for the preparation and dispensation of patient specific therapies, such as ALL-IN-1 STATION.

By preserving the primary packaging of oral solid medications, their integrity and original expiry dates are completely preserved.

Each unit dose is identified by a Datamatrix code, summarizing the main characteristics of the medication: a unique serialization number, medication code, expiration and lot.

The processing capacity of ACCED-CM is 6000 to 8000 unit-doses/day, based on an opening time of the central pharmacy from 7 to 10 hours per day.

ACCED-CM allows controlled user access, through configurable profiles.