All-in-1 Station

Personalised Medication Dispensing

ALL-IN-1 STATION automatically prepares and dispenses specific patient medications in unit dose, and it does not require any manual process.

ALL-IN-1 STATION automatically loads specific patient medications into ALL-IN-1 TROLLEY, saving time for nurses and eliminating human errors for increased patient safety.

ALL-IN-1 STATION has been especially designed to meet the needs of acute wards thanks to the real-time management of medication variations that can be prepared 24/7, without returns as per the traditional centralised system.

The only ward dispensing robot fit for acute departments

ALL-IN-1 STATION is a modular ‘Plug and Play’, fully automated solution that can be integrated with the other ALL-IN-1 modules for the management of all type of medications and medical supplies, as a single point of storage and preparation of therapies in all types of patient care departments.

ALL-IN-1 STATION: for unit doses

ALL-IN-1 FRIDGE: for refrigerated medications

ALL-IN-1 NARCOTICS: for controlled drugs

ALL-IN-1 MEDS: for medications or medical devices in commercial packaging

SENTINEL (From Deenova D8 Series): for RFID management of medications or medical devices in commercial packaging or kits.