Unit Dose Repackaging, Storage and Therapy Dispensation

ACCED is an extremely compact and complete solution for the automatic repackaging and management of oral solid therapies in unit doses. Completely autonomous, even at night, ACCED prepares the unit doses from previously loaded medication blisters.

Once the unit doses have been produced, they are stored inside ACCED.

Upon receipt of the prescription, ACCED automatically prepares and delivers the daily or weekly therapies in designated Pill organizers and/or patient specific carnets.

ACCED is installed in the Hospital Central Pharmacy. With machine usage of about 35 to 40 hours per week, ACCED allows the preparation of patient specific therapies for 300 to 350 beds.

Thanks to the automation of dose control and therapy preparation, ACCED frees-up time for pharmacists and nurses to focus on clinical activities and dedicate more time to the patient.