Aide Pick

Redefining efficiency and versatility in automated therapy dispensing

AIDE-Pick sets new standards in user-friendliness and productivity.

Enjoy an optimized unit dose medication loading experience with an unrivaled average of 2,300 unit doses
per loading cycle (<5 min), minimizing human effort in repetitive tasks.

Prioritizing operator well-being, AIDE-Pick minimizes physical strain, enabling easy handling, reducing fatigue, and enhancing posture.

Tailor patient therapy dispensation with AIDE-Pick to patient care department or individual needs. Easily program or modify your preferred patient therapy format, such as carnets (OS) or pillboxes (all forms), based upon your dispensation cycles, medication types, or ward requirements.

Crafted from recyclable materials, AIDE-Pick offers sustainability with 100% recyclable pouches. Experience fully automated dispensation of fully tracked therapies, reducing the need for repackaging and promoting environmental responsibility.