E-Prescribing and micrologistic management software

Deenova’s proprietary closed-loop software ORBIT simplifies workflow, for seamless order and inventory management, tracking and control of Medical Supplies from warehouse acceptance to patient specific consumption allocation.

ORBIT receives, handles and exchanges information through central warehouse or central pharmacy, clinical departments, intra-hospital logistics and administration, ensuring optimal management, cost savings, waste reduction and elimination of human errors, improving both hospital efficiency and the quality of care for the patient.

ORBIT is a completely integrated solution, proven to be easily interoperable, for total traceability of medications, both in unit dose or commercial packaging, and of Medical devices, implantable and disposable.

After warehouse acceptance each medical device is labelled with an RFID tag, allowing fully automated traceability anytime, anywhere.

Orbit guarantees the registration of medical devices with a unique coding, overcoming the management complexity associated to multiple, non-homogeneous coding of the various medical device manufacturers.

ORBIT ensures that the right quantity of the right product gets to the right place at the right time.

A single software accessible to all healthcare providers to simplify and optimize the management of Medications and Medical Supplies