News 13/01/2021

Patient Care Crafted for Better Safety and Greater Therapy Compliance

CIO APPLICATIONS EUROPE — In the healthcare sector, the ‘applicability of technology’ carries far greater importance than the technology itself. Technology today is more so about than finding the right equilibrium of cost, applicability, and benefits. Such an equilibrium would eliminate human errors and increase treatment compliance, effectively leading to better quality of care for patients, while enhancing the productivity of healthcare professionals. Deenova—a supplier of robotics and automation solutions for closed-loop medications and medical devices traceability—has achieved this equilibrium through its mechatronics proficiency. From prescription to administration to bed side verification, Deenova’s technological solutions are designed to be cost-effective, intuitive, and sensitive. The company’s All-in-one repackaging robot creates unit dose, repacks and labels all pharmaceutical formats: oral solid and liquid medications, such as vials, syringes, ampoules, and all other formats of patches sachet, and suppositories. These unit doses are then loaded on to the company’s All-in-one station, located discretely at various patient care departments across hospitals and pharmacies. Alongside these solutions, Deenova also offers Orbit – a proprietary software for e-prescribing and micro logistics management, capable of automatically generating a reordering list of unit doses based on doctor recommendations in realtime. The system caters to the fully automated therapy preparations and dispensation through the Deenova All-in-one Station, which loads the specific unit doses on to the All-in-one Trolley. This comprehensive system empowers nurses to initiate therapy administration with the All-in-one Trolly, thereby ensuring that the right therapy is given to the right patient by scanning the patient’s identification tag. Conclusively, Orbit orchestrates a decentralized model for patient care, wherein, the unit doses are produced centrally while the patient-specific therapies are prepared in the corresponding care departments.

“We do not position ourselves as a Technology Vendor, but rather provision a unique business model, in which, we partner with healthcare facilities and guarantee Full service 24/7 thanks to the combination of proprietary hardware, software and people,” explains Christophe Jaffuel, the chief commercial officer of the company. Deenova’s Orbit software combines e-prescribing and micro logistics, showcasing the ability the interoperate alongside 50 other solutions. Jaffuel terms this applicability as a ‘string advantage for customers’ that require cross-platform solutions.
Comprehending these string of benefits, it is safe to say that Deenova has created a reliable and efficient patient care ecosystem with multiple use cases. For instance, healthcare facilities seeking to improve medication management can reduce the cost of administering medications in their facilities while minimizing error and increasing patientnurse engagements. This merit alone translates to higher productivity among nurses and lower financial overheads involved in medication management– an expenditure that is skyrocketing in the current day and age. More importantly, Deenova reduces inventory management, eliminates duplication, ensures traceability of medication, provisions governance and control over clinical and logistics processes.
These value propositions are driven by Deenova’s people and the patient-centric vision that the company upholds through its mechatronics portfolio of products, designed to overhaul medication traceability. The company has recently introduced these functions into the retail pharmacy sector as well, facilitating home delivery of medications. “It is not difficult to picture a world where the patients needing medication could benefit from online prescriptions, telemedicine and e-pharmacy, while receiving personalized therapies at the comfort of their homes, in the right quantity, for the exact duration of the treatment, with necessary support,” adds Jaffuel. Without a hint of doubt, Deenova has materialized this world, all the while increasing safety and therapy compliance.

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