News 20/06/2022

Deenova´s France Remarkable and Continued Success Extends to French overseas departments: winning Mayotte, GHPSO and I.N.I. Awards

MILAN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Deenova today disclosed that it expanded its market dominance in France with another net new UniHA competitive award for its D3 ACCED mechatronic solution at Centre Hospitalier de Mayotte in French overseas departments. Additionally, Deenova announced a new competitive tender win at GHPSO Creil & Senlis also for its market leading D3 ACCED mechatronic robot through its partnership with another premier hospital group, RESAH. Separately, Deenova is pleased to simultaneously report additional add-on sales of its unique ASTUS cabinets and D3 ACCED to existing Deenova customer Institute Nationale des Invalides in Paris, also through its UniHA partnership.

Loïc Bessin, Managing Director of Deenova in France stated: “Bringing together net new business tender wins at Centre Hospitalier de Mayotte and GHPSO Creil & Senlis for our D3 ACCED mechatronic solutions, while at the same time earning the trust of additional sales to previous Deenova ASTUS customers such as Institute Nationale des Invalides is steady evidence of Deenova France unparalleled success in our industry, undoubtedly showing the market a high level of reliable customer satisfaction in France.”

Christophe JaffuelDeenova Chief Commercial Officer, added: “A new milestone for Deenova is reached: expansion beyond the European continent, a great ongoing incentive for our sales teams. I am very appreciative for the important and yearly contribution that both UniHA and RESAH ongoing multi-year tender awards means to Deenova in France and now beyond, renewing its past commitment to Deenova market-leading Unit-Dose solutions. I look forward to continuing the outstanding cooperation with UniHA and RESAH in the near future.”

Centre Hospitalier de Mayotte, a public health establishment with 543 beds, is the only hospital in the overseas Department of Mayotte. It is located in the northern part of the Mozambique Channel in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Southeastern Africa. It provides both hospital care and out-patient care with 4 localized care and childbirth centers (North, Centre, South and Petite-Terre) of intermediate level, providing general consultations and a 24-hour medical service and 7 days a week.

GHPSO Creil & Senlis, located just 30 minutes from Paris CDG airport, offers a complete emergency service: Adult, Paediatric and Gyneco-obstetrics with 584 full hospital beds, 46 day hospitalization places, 21 haemodialysis stations, and on the other hand an offer in Follow-up and Rehabilitation Care (SSR) with 32 beds, in accommodation with 73 Long-Term Care Unit beds (USLD), 90 beds in an Accommodation Establishment for Dependent Elderly Persons (EHPAD) and 12 places in Alzheimer’s day centre, i.e. a total of 858 beds. The SMUR unit intervenes at the request of the SAMU de l’Oise.

Institute Nationale des Invalides is placed under the supervision of the French Government Ministry of Defense and Veterans Affairs. It is responsible for welcoming veterans who are victims of severe handicaps linked to war wounds. It includes three complementary centers: the Pensioners’ Center, the Post-Traumatic Rehabilitation Center and the Center for Studies and Research on Equipment for the Handicapped. A total of 91 single rooms are fully equipped for patients in the Paris metropolitan area.

UniHA, the Union of Hospitals for Purchasing, is a cooperative of French public hospital buyers created in 2005 by the hospital staff themselves (32 CHU and 20 CH). As of 2022, 1.065 hospitals have joined the UniHA cooperative, with 115 GHT having conducted € 5.6 billion in group purchases in 2021. UniHA is one of the main European buyers in the field of health and one of the first national buyers, all sectors of activity combined. The essential challenge: to provide citizens with the best treatments available, to provide high-quality hospital services, and to preserve equal access to care.

RESAH is a public interest group (GIP) whose objective is to support the pooling and professionalisation of purchases from the health sector, public and private non-profit. It was created in 2007 to support the pooling of hospital purchases for the Ile-de-France region, in collaboration with Achat Hopital.

Deenova is the undisputed leading supplier of combined mechatronics (robotic and automation) solutions for closed loop medications and RFID-based medical devices traceability in the healthcare industry, anytime and anywhere. Deenova’s unique, patented, and fully integrated solutions have and will greatly contribute to ease healthcare providers’ growing pressures to: simultaneously improve patient safety, reduce therapy errors, minimise waste and controlled substance diversion, contain costs, and diminish the gap between rising patient volume/acuity and scarce medical staff. Deenova guarantees the simplification of all processes related to the management of medications and implantable/disposable medical devices with an expected cost savings range between 15% and 25%.