News 14/07/2023

Deenova’s newest product line, AIDE, pursues successful launch with new contract award at Longjumeau Hospital in France

Milan — Deenova, the undisputed leading supplier of innovative pharmacy automation solutions for healthcare facilities, is delighted to announce the recent contract acquisition at Longjumeau Hospital in France, marking another milestone in the successful launch of its cutting-edge product line, AIDE. The contract includes the deployment of one AIDE-CUT, the unparalleled Deenova’s automation robot for medications repackaging in unit dose, and one AIDE-PICK, the most innovative automated patient therapy dispensation robot.

The AIDE product line redefines the unit dose pharmacy automation technology through maximizing operational efficiency, ensuring full medication traceability. By automating medication management, Longjumeau Hospital aims to significantly secure the medication circuit within the hospital, reduce the risk of errors and enhance medication administration accuracy, resulting in improved patient outcomes. AIDE line also streamlines the therapy dispensing process, automatically manages medication orders, and alleviates the burden on healthcare staff, especially pharmacy technicians and nurses.

“We are thrilled to have been selected by Longjumeau Hospital to improve their medication management governance with AIDE solutions,” exclaimed Loic Bessin, Managing Director of Deenova France. “The implementation of AIDE-CUT and AIDE-PICK, will optimize unit dose preparation and therapy dispensation processes, minimizing errors and improving patient safety.”

Longjumeau Hospital is part of the Nord-Essonne hospital group (GHNE) and provides a wide range of healthcare services, including critical care and surgery, with state-of-the-art technical equipment.

“The successful launch of Deenova‘s AIDE product line in France is a promising achievement for the group,” said Christophe Jaffuel, Chief Commercial Officer of Deenova. “We are delighted with the very positive response and adoption of AIDE solutions, and this success sets a strong foundation for our future endeavors. With several projects already in the pipeline across Europe, we are confident in the transformative impact that the AIDE product line will have on medication management and patient care.”

Deenova‘s automation solutions garnered recognition across Europe for streamlining closed loop medications and RFID-based medical devices traceability and enhancing patient safety in healthcare facilities. The company offers a comprehensive range of innovative products designed to reduce therapy errors and optimize workflow efficiency. The company’s commitment to innovation and its dedication to delivering exceptional customer service have made it a trusted partner in the healthcare industry, with a presence in almost 100 hospitals in seven European countries.