News 06/04/2023

Deenova’s tech superiority is confirmed by winning all unit dose pharmacy automation lots at the RESAH tender in France

MILAN – (BusinessWire) – Deenova announced today the award all the 3 lots in the last RESAH tender related to unit dose pharmacy automation systems, thereby reinforcing Deenova’s leading position in the French market.

RESAH (Réseau des Acheteurs Hospitaliers) is a public administrative organization that manages healthcare procurement for French public hospitals, providing them with access to the best possible products and services, while ensuring compliance with public procurement regulations.

Deenova  won the three lots in this tender, which were:

  • Lot 1: Supply of automatic dispensing robots, secured cabinets and modular solutions
  • Lot 3: Supply of automatic repackaging and dispensing robots
  • Lot 4: Supply of automatic repackaging and dispensing robots for oral solid medication

The three lots, awarded to the ACCED, AIDE and ASTUS mechatronics solutions represent a unique, complete, modular and customizable solution that will enable French hospitals to accelerate the transition to automated medication management, helping them reduce errors, eliminate manual processes and freeing up staff to focus on higher-value tasks ultimately ensuring safer and more efficient patient care.

The ACCED, AIDE and ASTUS mechatronics solutions are designed to be customizable and scalable, allowing hospitals to tailor the technology to their specific needs and requirements. The solution also integrates seamlessly with existing hospital infrastructure and software, minimizing disruption and ensuring a smooth transition.

Overall, the ACCED, AIDE and ASTUS mechatronics solutions represent a major step forward in the automation of medication management in French hospitals and contribute since 2013 to transform the way healthcare is delivered in the country.

Loic Bessin, Managing Director of Deenova France, and inventor of the ACCED and AIDE mechatronic solutions declared: “We are confident that our cutting-edge technology and expertise will continue to deliver significant benefits for the French healthcare system and we look forward to pursuing our historical collaboration with RESAH initiated in 2014 and with our hospital partners to further implement our solution across the country.”

The Deenova solution is the most comprehensive and cutting-edge one in Europe. It offers the hospital staff unparalleled flexibility and modularity, which improves the experience for both the patient and the healthcare professional. The solution helps the hospital with its digital transformation initiatives by enhancing traceability and accuracy and decreasing waste, adverse events, and medication dispensing errors. With expected cost savings of between 15% and 25%, the Deenova solution promises to simplify all procedures related to the management of medications and implantable/disposable medical devices.

“We are excited to have won all three lots in this RESAH tender. This achievement underscores Deenova’s commitment to relentlessly delivering innovative solutions that address the most pressing healthcare challenges” –  According to Christophe Jaffuel, Chief Commercial Officer and member of the board of Deenova –  “Our solution enables French hospitals to optimize their medication distribution processes, ensuring that patients receive the proper medication at the proper time, every time, while streamlining hospital workflows, reducing costs, and improving patient outcomes.”