News 16/07/2020

Despite Covid-19, Deenova Wins First Pharmacy Automation Contracts in Spain

Deenova reported today that its unrivalled market impulse in 2020 unceasingly expands to Spain, with its first public tender won by Deenova from Bellvitge University Hospital and the Catalan Institute of Health, and separately the company Algalasa for private hospitals throughout Spain.

Jose Luis Temes, M.D., Algalasa’s President and former Subsecretary of Health at Spain Ministry of Health, Director of National Health Service in Spain, and Managing Director of multiple Spanish hospitals, including Foundation Jimenez Diaz, Hospital La Paz, and Hospital Queen Sofia, added: “We are very happy and proud to incorporate Deenova solutions to complete our portfolio. In Algalasa we are known experts in providing first class solutions for the automation of medication workflow and medical devices at hospitals and pharmacies. Deenova products have a unique technology and business approach to R.O.I. in the health care market that simultaneously improves patient safety, staff satisfaction, quality and efficiency of the pharmacy processes, utilising a remarkable closed-loop-system process from prescription all the way to bedside administration.”

Fulvio Rudello, Deenova Chief Operating Officer, added: “As Deenova’s team leader in the design of our next generation mechatronics pharmacy robot, it was crucial to set a very high bar for the industry. Our idea and ambition was to deliver a world-class solution not only for oral solid medications, but to fully automatically handle all the packaging pharmaceutical formats of liquid medications, such as vials, syringes, ampoules, and all other formats of patches sachet, and suppositories. Everyone at Deenova is very proud of leap-frogging other automation and robotic products in the industry”.

Bellvitge University Hospital is located in Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona. With its 900+ beds, it is a public tertiary reference center for a community of more than 200.000 inhabitants at the entire southern axis of Catalonia up to the Ebro river, and part of the Catalan Institute of Health. The Bellvitge University Hospital Campus also houses the University of Barcelona, the Catalan Institute of Oncology, and the IDEBELL Research Institute, for more information, refer to

Deenova is the undisputed leading supplier of combined mechatronics (robotic and automation) solutions for closed loop medications and RFID-based medical devices traceability in the healthcare industry, anytime and anywhere. Deenova’s unique, patented, and fully integrated solutions have and will greatly contribute to ease healthcare providers’ growing pressures to: simultaneously improve patient safety, reduce therapy errors, minimise waste and controlled substance diversion, contain costs, and diminish the gap between rising patient volume/acuity and scarce medical staff. Deenova guarantees the simplification of all processes related to the management of medications and implantable/disposable medical devices with an expected cost savings range between 15% and 25%.

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