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We are Deenova

Welcome to a deep innovation

Deenova is the evolution of Santa Lucia Pharma Apps, an Italian company which has been developing and supplying solutions for the management of medicines and medical devices in the hospital sector since 2004. Today, Deenova, together with its French subsidiary ECO-DEX, is the leading European Group in robotic solutions for the unit dose medicines management. Deenova introduced a new business model; operates as a service provider and offers hospitals and nursing homes flexible and made-to-measure solutions.

We offer highly innovative services for the traceability and management of medicines and medical devices to hospital and care facilities.

We create a complete, integrated and customised system which, through the interaction of software, automated technologies and specialised services, helps to create more efficient, easier to manage and safer hospitals.

We ensure simplification of all processes concerning the management of medicines and medical devices: purchase, storage, distribution, use and cost allocation. We propose personalized, integrated and complete solutions.

Because we wish to help our customers to build the hospital of the future.

Our solutions

The hospital of tomorrow, today

The Deenova model offers advanced and modular solutions, tailored to the specific needs of the structure. A combination of automated technologies, software and services which guarantees constant traceability and safety, giving life to the hospital of tomorrow, today.

Our systems include:


Software for prescription and administration

Over 15,000,000 of medicine administrations per year

Robotic systems

Robotic systems for the repackaging in unit doses and preparation of personalised therapy

Over 200 installed systems

RFid systems

RFid systems for the traceability of medical devices

Over 400 installed systems


Services to support the operation of technologies and logistics processes

Guaranteed assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Success cases

Deenova systems have been adopted by over 50 important structures in Europe, totalling over 14,000 beds, allowing the achievement of important results:

Avergage savings in the consumption of drugs/medical devices
Traceability of medicines/medical devices
Prescription/medication errors
Average savings in inventory
Expired medicines
0 %
Avergage savings in the consumption
of drugs/medical devices
0 %
Traceability of
medicines/medical devices
100 %
0 %
Average savings
in inventory
100 %
Expired medicines

Our solutions improve the quality of care.
This is the reason our stories are always successful:

ASL Alessandria

Winner of the JCI award "Quality improvement 2014" for the management of drugs in unit doses with automated ward cabinet.

ASST Papa Giovanni XXIII Bergamo

Winner of the JCI award "Quality improvement year 2015" for management of clinical risk in the phase of administration of drug therapy.

University Hospital Foundation Gemelli Rome

Winner of the "Digital Innovation Award in Healthcare 2018" of the Polytechnic in Milan for the Medical Devices management project in the operating room with RFid technology.

General Hospital San Martino Genoa

From 12 years repackaging of 2,000,000 unit doses per year and setting up of personalized therapy for 1,300 beds.

University Hospital Leicester

25% reduction in spending on drugs in wards shown by a study of the University of Loughborough.

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Great revolutions take time: we are devoting our time to provide the best possible service for our customers. This is why the site in which you are browsing is just a taste of what will be.

Contact us for further information on our solutions, to stay updated on our progress.

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