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DEENOVA on the front lines in Covid hospitals – Video interview


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Robotics and automation to support healthcare facilities

Deenova, a Piacenza-based company leader in the automation sector for hospital pharmacies, has developed sophisticated and precise systems for the preparation and distribution of drug therapies in healthcare facilities.

Fulvio Rudello, Chief Operation Officer Deenova, describes in the video the micrologistic services that Deenova makes available to hospitals.

Deenova’s robots and automated systems operate today in about 50 European hospitals, in Italy they are present in many of the hospitals involved in the front line during the Coronavirus emergency period, where Deenova also took care of the packaging of drug therapies for home care of Covid patients.

How do Deenova robots work?
“Our robotic systems – explains the CEO Giorgio Pavesi – allow the therapies required by the doctor to be prepared for nurses through a computerized prescription system. The robot finds them packaged and customized in the drawers of the distribution trolley. Whether it’s oral solids, vials, ampoules, sachets, syringes, transdermal patches or other pharmaceutical forms. ”
Deenova technology facilitates the work of health workers, for example, tracks the entire preparation and administration process, avoiding errors, increasing productivity, reducing waste, and allowing a correct analysis of costs in the health sector.

As a result of the Covid-19 emergency, the company has increased its staff by already hiring 5 new people. The most sought after figures are biomedical engineers, pharmacists, logistic operators, and in Trento the company is looking for two figures of software developer (junior and senior). In fact, part of the software and operating interfaces are designed in the Research and Development unit at the Trentino Sviluppo Technological Pole in Trento, where six employees, including engineers and developers, work.


About Deenova

Since 2004, Deenova is the undisputed leading supplier of combined robotic and automation solutions for closed loop medications and medical devices traceability in the healthcare industry, anytime, anywhere.

Deenova’s unique and fully integrated solutions have and will greatly contribute to ease healthcare providers’ growing pressures to: simultaneously increase patient safety, and reduce therapy errors, reduce waste and controlled substance diversion, contain costs, Diminish the gap between rising patient volume/acuity and scarce medical staff.

Deenova guarantees the simplification of all processes related to the management of medications and medical devices, both disposables and implantables.

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