A unique partner for the hospital and pharmacy of the future

Deenova relies on specialized teams to offer advanced services, from training to technical assistance, with the support of our professionals for the hospital staff.

Deenova Services


Logistic activities to support medications and medical devices management processes.

Operational Support

Pre and post installation activities of the supplied Equipment.


Analysis, consultancy, process certification support, reporting.


Completion of unit doses centrally at Deenova factory or in the Hospital Pharmacy.


Transport and delivery of repackaged medicines to the points of use / dispensing.

RFid management

Acceptance and labeling of medical devices and / or medications.

Centralized therapy

Preparation of patient therapies according to the logistic model of centralized preparation.


Supply of automated department stocks.

Executive Design

On-site logistic checks and intervention planning in compliance with safety, efficiency and functionality parameters.

System boot

Delivery, installation and testing of technologies ensuring minimal impact on the regular work flow.


Training of all personnel involved in the processes and support for the entire start-up period with a dedicated team assigned to the facility.

Assistance and maintenance

Complete hardware and software assistance and maintenance activities for the entire contractual period.

Data collection / Data Analytics

Consultancy for the modeling of data from multiple company sources in order to obtain information useful for decision-making or forecasting.

Decision support tools, appropriateness verification, consumption and expenditure monitoring

Creation of dashboards that allow to verify or control the progress of business processes through the use of specific KPIs.

Processes verification

Business processes verification and advice for the purpose of accreditation towards institutional bodies or certification in compliance with health sector regulations.