The value of a technology is measured by the benefits for its users


Due to the safer storage and controlled distribution of medications Deenova guarantees a simpler and more efficient medications flow within Hospitals, leading to 100% reduction of expired products and 60% reduction in medications waste.

The automatic dispensation of personalized therapies reduces pharmacy technicians manual workload and, above all, eliminates human errors in therapies’ preparation and dispensation: no missed doses because of non dispensation

All the different hospital departments can finally work in complete synchronization, due to a single integrated software that handles both medications in unit dose and/or commercial packaging and medical supplies, both in Pharmacy and in patient care departments.

The significant gain in time related to logistic processes and tasks, enables Pharmacists to be more dedicated to clinical activities.

The presence of pharmacist control reduces itself the risk of errors, with a 56% reduction in number of reported unexpected adverse medications reactions.