News 17/05/2022

Deenova Keeps Up its Competitive Streak in France with 2 New Tender Awards at Hazebrouck and Mantes-La-Jolie

MILAN–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Deenova today announced that it continued its last 2 years market dominance in France with another net new RESAH competitive award for its D3 ACCED mechatronic solutions at Centre Hospitalier Hazebrouck near Dunkerque. Separately, Deenova is pleased to […]
News 03/05/2022

Deenova Launches First Ever, Pay-Per-Dose Unit Dose Pharmacy Automation Service in England

Milan, Italy (Deenova) – Today, Deenova announced that it is launching its innovative Pay-Per-Dose unit dose pharmacy automation service to the UK market for the first time. Deenova was the […]
News 31/03/2022

Marco D’Incà joins Deenova to support its unprecedented international growth and new product development

Milan, Italy- (WEBSITE ANNOUNCEMENT) –  Deenova, announced today that following its unprecedented European market expansion and increasing new customer adoption, and to sustain its continuous new product developments, Deenova recently appointed […]
News 14/03/2022

Deenova Launches New Product Line @ EAHP: A Glimpse into Pharmacy Automation’s Future

MILAN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Deenova today announced the unveiling of three new innovative additions to its award winning D3 product line of mechatronic solutions, in conjunction with the 26th Congress of the European […]
News 10/03/2022

Deenova receives the ISO 27001, Information Security Management System Certification

Milan, Italy- (WEBSITE ANNOUNCEMENT) –  Deenova, announced today that in addition to the already obtained SA8000, ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO14001 and ISO45001 Certifications, last December Deenova also received the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information […]
News 28/02/2022

Deenova Continues its Sweep of 2022 French Market with Wins at UGECAM and Tourcoing

MILAN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Deenova announced today it recently won 2 new contract awards for 4 of its award winning mechatronic ACCED robots, first at UGECAM, the leading private non-profit hospital company in […]
News 15/02/2022


Milan, Italy- (WEBSITE ANNOUNCEMENT) –  Deenova, announced today that following its successful market entry in UK with the 15 year contract award for the hospital pharmacy at the  University Hospitals of […]
News 15/02/2022

Deenova Wins UNIHA Largest Ever Pharmacy Automation Public Tender Award in France

MILAN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Deenova announced today it exclusively won Lot # 2 (the largest and most comprehensive ever) UNIHA Tender for Pharmacy Automation for the next 4 years, beating all of its […]
News 02/02/2022


Milan, Italy- (WEBSITE ANNOUNCEMENT) –  Deenova, announced today that following its record-breaking market momentum and European expansion, and within the scope of consolidating its operations and management structure in order to accompany the unprecedented growth, […]
News 31/01/2022

Deenova futuristic solutions for therapy safety at Marienhospital Gelsenkirchen

St. Augustinus Group published, in its company magazine, an interview with Anette Woermann, Director of Pharmacy at Marienhospital Gelsenkirchen, describing the benefits of the ‘Next Level’ project. Read the original […]
News 15/11/2021

Deenova Consolidates France Market Leadership with ASTUS Cabinets Secure Pharmacy Unit-Dose

MILAN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Deenova announced today that in addition to its record-breaking mechatronic ACCED sales started during Covid-19 last year, it now added 3 new customers for its ASTUS solutions at Institution Nationale des Invalides de Paris and at Centre Hospitalier François […]
Events 10/11/2021


Come and visit us to discover our range of automated systems and secure cabinets. Our technicians will give live demonstrations and answer all your questions.   AGENDA Wednesday 24th November […]
News 20/10/2021

Deenova Keeps Trouncing its competitors in France’s Unit Dose Pharmacy Automation Market

MILAN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Deenova announced today it continues its record-breaking market momentum started during Covid-19, by winning 2 mechatronic competitive public tenders this Summer for a total of 4 ACCED robotic medication […]
News 10/09/2021


Impresa Sanità, by EDITRICE TEMI, has published in the September issue a report on Deenova’s mechatronic solutions in the RFID management of medical devices and drugs for the operating theatres […]
News 07/09/2021

Deenova Wins MarienHospital Unit Dose Pharmacy Automation Contract, First in Germany

MILAN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Deenova reported today it won its first ever contract in Germany, and in parallel established Deenova operations in Europe’s largest GDP health care market. This outstanding contract award includes […]
News 02/08/2021

Leicester’s Hospitals Awards Deenova a Unit Dose Pharmacy Automation 15 Year Contract

MILAN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Deenova reported today it signed its first ever contract in the United Kingdom, and established operations in Europe’s second largest GDP health care market, with the NHS being the eight largest employer […]
News 12/07/2021

Deenova Expands its Italy Winning Streak with 9 Year Tender at ASST Vimercate Hospitals

MILAN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Deenova today publicly disclosed that its remarkable European market success in 2020 steadily expanded to Italy during 2021, with the recent Public Tender Award won by Deenova at ASST […]
News 06/05/2021

Deenova Keeps Smashing New Sales Records in 2022 France’s Pharmacy Automation Market

MILAN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Deenova announced today it keeps its record-breaking market momentum started in 2021, by winning competitive public tenders at Resah for 6 D3 ACCED Robots and multiple D3 Astus medication […]
News 14/04/2021

Deenova Wins First Private Contract in Spain for Hospital Centro de Andalucía de Lucena

MILAN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Deenova announced today that its unrivalled market momentum unceasingly expands to Spain´s private hospital market, with its first award for won by Deenova in cooperation with Algalasa at Hospital Centro de Andalucía at […]
News 18/03/2021

Deenova Wins Tender at San Camillo Hospital expanding its European Win Streak to Italy

MILAN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Deenova today publicly disclosed that its unprecedented market success in 2020 relentlessly expanded to Italy in 2021, with the recent Public Tender Award won at San Camillo Forlanini Hospital […]