News 27/03/2020

No-Virus pharmacy dose for 4 patients with the Deenova method

Libertà, the reference newspaper for the Province of Piacenza, interviewed some companies to document how the Covid-19 epidemic affected their organization.
It was an opportunity for us, to thank our employees for their work in such difficult times, and to highlight how our services are helping healthcare profressionals, doctors, nurses and pharmacists, in their daily struggle.

The article explains how hospital pharmacies, in a continuous search to optimize the use of resources, are asking Deenova for particular packaging of drugs in unit dose in order to treat more patients and ensure the maximum efforts to treat patients while reducing waste especially in cases in which product availability is sometimes becoming a challenge.



Patrizia Soffientini –



Take one medication and divide it into four doses. Said in such a way, it seems nothing, instead it takes all the design skills and the know-how of a highly specialized company to avoid a disproportionate waste of financial and health resources.

So Deenova of Gragnanino -158 employees, five more hired recently to support the greater workload Covid 19 – works on experimental drugs such as Remdesivir that are used in the battle against the virus, expensive therapies, up to 300 euro per vial or bottle, that must be fully optimised.

“The hospital of Cremona, one of the twenty-five with which we work, has now asked us to intervene on the supply of the medication, which is also used in therapies against HIV”, explains Giorgio Pavesi, CEO of Deenova .

A thirty-dose vial or bottle was used for one patient, one vial or bottle per day for seven days. And the excess quantity went to waste, for safety reasons. “Now that the vial or bottle is used in an efficient wa, it can be administered not to one but to four patients, thanks to our unit dose medication dispensing solutions“

This is one of Deenova’s advantages (Dennova’s name comes from “deep innovation”), but there is also a complete teamwork of service people presence in hospitals, including in high risk departments such as those working with Covid- 19 patients.

«We do research and development, design and repackaging of medications in unit dose, we put technologies and robots at the service of the preparation of safe therapies for hospitals, including the ones of Piacenza, Castelsangiovanni, Cremona, Pavia , and Bergamo among others, which are most afflicted by the Covid-19 coronavirus emergency ».

Deenova’s staff supplies the “automatic cabinets” that deliver medications to the patients: “we are in the front line every day, the healthcare staff continues to be supplied with therapies at the right time without further administrative burdens, our employees work safely – ensures Pavesi – and for us it is an important effort, additional costs and above all a daily battle to procure protection devices that are in short-supply, we procure them in all parts of the world and we update daily the risk analysis for our people ».

Masks, to ensure safety of Deenova emplyoees, have been purchased on many channels, from Poland to South Africa, the last three thousand have just arrived from San Marino (“always paid in advance”). Deenova is one of the companies that immediately communicated its intent to the Authority to continue its important safety work. «Of course, when it was possible we have applied smart working – Pavesi underlines – it was applied to at least one third of the workforce as there is a large IT component, flexibility has been introduced immediately, thinking about those who have children at home, we have people in quarantine as a precaution, but fortunately no people are infected”.