News 08/01/2021

San Martino Hospital in Genoa is among the winners of ‘Lean Health Award 2020’, thanks to Deenova solutions

‘Lean Healthcare and Lifescience Award’ rewards the best healthcare reorganization projects in Italy. San Martino Hospital was among the winners for the best project in the field of ‘Business risk management’.

San Martino Hospital was awarded as best project in ‘Business risks management’ at ‘Lean Healthcare and Lifescience Award 2020’. The event, organized by Telos Management Consulting in collaboration with Federsanità, Aiop, Fiaso and University of Siena, rewards the best health reorganization projects in Italy.

The project, which is part of San Martino Hospital strategy  in investing in medications computerized management, is called ‘Direct-Sofia‘ and is the revision of direct distribution of medication to Hospital patients (direct distribution is meant as medications dispensing, through healthcare facilities, to the out-patients, for home administration) with the purpose of increasing safety in therapy distribution, thanks to the concomitant adoption of a new application as unique tool to manage prescription phase and medications distribution to patients.

The systematic presence of a computerized medical prescription in the first phase of medications distribution will allow to enhance traceability along the entire path, through the identification of barcode on medication boxes and to verify timely correspondence to prescription and to patient’s registry. All the information recorded gave, at the same time, the possibility to hospital pharmacist to conduct useful analyzes on patient’s compliance with therapeutic plan and, consequently, on therapy effectiveness.

Click here to review the presentation of the ‘Direct-Sofia’ project of San Martino Polyclinic Hospital.