We are here for you, so you can focus on patient care

Our mission is to simplify logistic processes. All our projects are tailor-made, so that our services perfectly fit into existing processes within healthcare facilities, maximizing benefits and minimizing the impact of implementing automation solutions.

Deenova positions itself not only as a revolutionary technology supplier, but also a service provider working as a fully integrated partner, with healthcare institutions, thanks to qualified and fully dedicated personal, supporting pharmacists, nurses, doctors and administrative staff in their daily work.

Our specialized teams not only guarantee operational support (with ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, training, etc.), but more importantly manage the whole in-hospital medications and medical devices workflow and micro-logistics (production of unit doses, delivery, loading into cabinets, RFID labeling etc).

In addition, our personnel supports the administration with consultancy services (data analysis, support for certification procedures, etc.) in order to provide healthcare institutions, the tools to control and optimize resources.

Part of the service offered consists in the centralized production of unit doses in plant compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Our mission is to simplify logistic processes. All our projects are tailor-made.